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The Witch Is Back

Returning to Slauson Cove changed Elora Castain’s life in more ways than she could have imagined. Just when she thought things were settling into something reasonable, her life was turned upside down a second time. Walsingham Manor was built for families even if the locals thought it to be the source of trouble in town. Now, on the cusp of settling into motherhood and bringing her own family to continue the legacy, a new and powerful storm is brewing. Elora, once again, finds herself in the middle of an investigation into the murders that are piling up on Detective John Erickson. What begins as a consultation turns into an interrogation as strange symbols and her name come up on the victim’s bodies. Can she stop another killer? Did Eric Aldred inflict an unbreakable curse on her before she was even born? Can she, or what family remains, survive what is brewing in Slauson Cove? Find out in Beyond the Storm; new fiction from Anne Belle.

Don't miss this long-anticipated sequel to her debut novel; The Secret of the Storm.


Her first book was wonderful and this one follows in that path as well!!! LOVED IT!!! Ready for more!!

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.A very imaginative and provocative look at this subject matter through the eyes of someone you would never think of! This is a must have for any avid reader.

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