Anne Belle was born Samantha Anne Branham in 1978 in Eastern Kentucky where she graduated from The Piarist School in Martin, KY and attended Eastern Kentucky University until 2000. She then took time to travel extensively throughout the United States spending time in Florida, Tennessee, and California before finally coming to rest in the great state of Texas where she now resides.


She was an award-winning essayist prior to turning her interest toward fiction. In 2006 she tentatively stepped into the water of fiction publication with a book that she later refined and released independently under her pen name. Her debut novel The Secret of the Storm was released in 2012 and quickly became a fan favorite. This was the beginning of the Slauson Cove Saga which continues today. 

Anne's primary theme in storytelling is meant to inspire others to embrace themselves and their own lives. She enjoys writing strong female characters who are thrust into circumstances they can't avoid, usually with a supernatural or paranormal element at the focal point. These seemingly impossible things about themselves have often made them outcasts and they must learn their purpose and find their own way. Anne's personal journey has been a great influence in her work having to overcome being n outcast for most of her life. 


When she isn’t writing Anne keeps busy with various activities. She enjoys crafts, creating art in various mediums, swimming, and spending time with friends and family. She's a dog-mom to her Chiweenie pup Pippin. Anne also enjoys art journaling and exploring other aspects of her creativity including performance art in the form of singing.

The author can be found in many places online. Including Mewe, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram .