Anne's Apprentices Street Team

Anne's work has wide appeal but getting the word out is more than a one-woman show can handle effectively. So, in July of 2019 Anne opened up an exclusive Facebook Group called Anne's Apprentices that has some major perks for dedicated readers who help to put books in the hands of new readers. 

In addition to the monthly newsletter that Anne sends out to her general readers, Apprentices will get exclusive access to a closed group where Anne will do live chats with question and answers about the stories and characters. There will also be special promotions including contests and early release news. Invitations to live events, inclusion in the acknowledgments section of future books, and more. 

This is not a paid membership site. It is, however, Anne's way of being more accessible to readers, a mentor when called to be so, and her way of building that inner circle that will help make her message of embracing your own journey reach far and wide. To remain part of the group all that is asked is that you participate in the simple challenges, share your love of these characters, and remain civil to other group members.   

Ready to join the Apprentice Team? 

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